For weather in Kanonji click here.

 For time in Kanonji click here.

For help on the Japanese language click here. 

 For help on daily news in Japan click here

For help on Japanese squat toilets click here. 

For help on Japanese high-tech toilets click here.

For Japanese recipes help click here.

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More Helpful Links and Resources

Everyday Life and Household Information

The Black Moon: Art, anime, Japanese culture, and cooking 
Yasuko-san's Japanese Mom's Home Cooking: Recipes & information on Japanese food
Cooking with Dog: Japanese chef and her adorable dog Francis teach you how to cook Japanese food

Language Learning Sites

NHK World Easy Japanese: Simple interactive Japanese lessons with videos and vocabulary
Mango Languages: Online & app, free with your library card
DuoLingo: Online & app, teaches hiragana & vocabulary together
MLC Meguro Language Center (Tokyo): For your self-introduction & other free materials
Access Japanese: Interactive games & quizzes
Charles Kelly's Online Language Study Materials: Hiragana, katakana, and kanji lessons and quizzes 

Translation/Dictionary Sites

J-Talk: Convert Kanji and websites to Romaji or Hiragana (and translate Japanese to English, too)
Google Translate: English to Japanese and Japanese to English translation
Denshi Jisho Japanese Dictionary: Search for words, Kanji, and example sentences
Excite translation site: Helpful for translating a few words or websites, don't use for full sentences

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